Iso15693 underlying protocol code (can be used to develop high-frequency medium-distance or long-distance high-power readers and writers of iso15693)

Tips: provide simulation and cracking services of iso15693 electronic tag / RF card /nfc card. A complete iso15693 tag function can be simulated by single chip microcomputer, including uid number, read-write operation, anti-collision operation, etc., to realize the simulation and cracking of encryption system based on iso15693 tag. For example: counting chips for printer toner drum / ink box counters, inkjet machines / color painting machines / CNC tools, etc.

The code of using c8051f/stm32f to simulate the complete underlying protocol of iso15693 is an important core code for developing high-frequency medium and long-distance iso15693 reader writer (reader head), All design materials, design schemes, design drawings, design codes, reference circuits and reference drawings are independently developed.

1. There is no need to use RFID base station protocol chips / RFID card reading / head reading chips such as RI-R6C-001A, trf7960, trh031m, em4094, fm13hs02, fm13hf02n, S6700, slrc400, clrc663, ds560, mfrc522, fm17550, nz3801, cv520, as3911, clrc63201t, slrc40001t, pn5180a0hn, xt400, etc

2. Complete the physical communication sequence with iso15693 tag, including ask/ook modulation, dual subcarrier /ask demodulation, 4-1 / 256-1 coding, Manchester decoding, etc。

3. Complete realization: read ID, read block, write block, lock block, anti conflict and other card operation functions, with complete codes and comments

4. Use single chip microcomputer: C8051F series /stm32f series to realize all protocols / functions, with low cost and stable performance。

5. 2-wire i/o architecture. One line is used to output the encoded pulse (sent to the amplification circuit), and one line is used to input the demodulated pulse (from the receiving circuit) Support: single channel, 4-channel, 8-Channel, 12 channel and other outputs, with complete RFID channel switching and switching functions, high isolation of RF switching and low insertion loss.

6. Just add power amplification circuit and signal receiving circuit to develop high-power iso15693 RFID reader and writer, while analog circuit
You can refer to the circuit and schematic diagram of mr100, mr101, s650 and other high-power readers (free of charge), and I can also provide a complete high-power RF transceiver schematic sch/pcb circuit drawing (expensive)。

7. All source codes, RF Sch schematic diagrams and PCB high-frequency circuit boards are designed by myself. The maximum RF output power is 8w-8 watts. The reading and writing distance can be up to 40 cm to 100 cm according to different antennas, and the most cutting-edge technical support can be provided。

8. Provide iso15693 high-power reader writer / medium and long-distance reader writer customization development services, OEM production services

9. Design example: 6-channel high-power long-distance iso15693 reader writer, 2-channel 100mps Ethernet interface (which can be used for cascaded network), 1 RS232 serial port, 1 WiFi communication port, 8W RF power, maximum reading and writing distance of 100 cm, continuously adjustable transmission power, 128*128 display screen, 4-key keyboard, including computer software and mobile app test software.


10. Contact me: Or QQ:1208958982 Or wechat: ctled1234





Service 1: Provide the design service of high-frequency 13.56mhz long-range and high-power RFID reader/reader with ISO15693 protocol and ISO18000-3 protocol, with self-designed schematic diagram, PCB, driver source code and unified debugging scheme. Maximum reading and writing distance: 120cm, maximum output power: 8W. . Support multi-channel antenna output, support 256-level linear adjustment of transmission power, support a variety of communication interfaces: dual Ethernet/network port, USB port, WIFI port, serial port, etc., and provide demo software and source code for computer-side demo and mobile phone-side APP. Welcome to customized development, OEM production, technical cooperation, confidential personalized development and so on.

Service 2: Without external power supply, battery, charging and farad capacitor, the simulation based on ISO15693 electronic tag/radio frequency card /NFC card/tag-it/slix/slix2/icode/icode2 is completely realized in a passive way, the front-end analog detection circuit and wireless transceiver circuit of RFID tag are realized by using common electronic components, and the tag instruction is simulated and executed by a single chip microcomputer. Comprehensively realize all the functions of an ISO15693 electronic tag, including: UID number simulation response, read/write/lock data block simulation execution, inventory/anti-collision simulation response, silence and activation simulation response, etc. It can be used for the simulation and simulation of encryption system based on ISO15693 tag, and can also be used for the simulation of printer toner cartridge/ink box counter, inkjet printer/color printer/numerical control cutter and other counting chips. Welcome to customized development and cooperative development.

Service 3: It provides monitoring, monitoring, sniffing and detection services for 13.56MHZ radio frequency communication, and is used for monitoring the bidirectional coupling communication data between the reader and the tag, detecting the communication error position of the reader or the tag, and debugging the communication protocol.

Service 4: Provide the design service of "Smart Antenna Control Board", use the common 2-core coaxial cable and common antenna, and realize the two-way communication between the reader and the antenna through the processing of the control board, so as to realize the centralized control of multi-antenna and the tag position positioning of multi-antenna application. There is no need to modify the existing antenna and coaxial line. Service 5: We provide OEM service for ISO15693 reader, and have a set of equipment, instruments and tools for RF signal debugging.


1. Transmitting power: 1W--8W, continuously adjustable.

2, reading and writing distance: up to 120 cm (determined by antenna area/tag area/antenna tuning and SWR).

3. Inventory speed: standard 80 sheets/sec, customized 110 sheets/sec.

4. Communication mode: dual Ethernet (easy to cascade readers without switches), serial port and WIFI.

5. Output channel: 6 ports, which can be customized and expanded to more than 32 ports.

6, personality function: support smart antenna, one antenna output port can be extended to 24 antenna output interfaces.

7. Use function: configure 128*128 large-screen Chinese LCD display and keyboard to support offline reading and writing test.

8. Test software: provide computer demo and Android mobile APP.

9. Support agreements: ISO15693, ISO18000-3M1, and customized support for ISO18000-3M3 and ISO14443.






1. Without any external power supply and battery, it can directly replace the original cards, such as SLIX, SLIX2, ST25V02, SL2S2602, and so on.

2, support custom UID, support: 0.2K to 128K byte memory.

3. Support signal demodulation and decoding with 10% and 100% modulation depth.

4. Support coded backhaul of single carrier and dual-carrier aggregation.

5. Support the simulation of all ISO15693 instructions and customized instructions, and can cooperate to customize any tag simulation based on 13.56MHZ.

6. Overall dimension: 5.5cm * 8.5cm of standard IC card, and any non-standard shape can be customized.

7. Supporting PC-side software, all data can be initialized with one button, or general RFID reader can be used for initialization.

8. This passive analog tag is completely independently developed. It is by no means a shell replacement for foreign open source projects, and can be used for the lowest level of technical cooperation.

9. For other unlisted functions, please add the following friends to understand.